Go for it!

Go for it!

I finished my last blog post saying: “and do what you need to do in order to be fully awake to your emerging dreams!” To develop this thought a little, I find it useful to look at three factors.

The first factor – embracing the real – is actually pretty cool. In today’s culture it is easy to get bogged down on the ideal out of a want to be perfect. We may reach this incredibly high standard at times, but constantly striving for it will inevitably lead to disappointment and a sense of being distant from our deeply-felt desires.

If we find ourselves getting lost, we can refocus on our real and burning issues such as relationship difficulties, achieving our goals, and wanting to help others. In this way we can make a real difference in our messy, imperfect world. And we are more likely to genuinely rejoice and to tap into the energy stream of our dreams. Continue reading


It’s a journey!


Last week my article on faith and mental health featured in the online British journal Thinking Faith, and it inspired me to create a new ‘Free flow’ section. Also, since I don’t have a lot of time at the moment to write more serious blog posts, I figure that quickly written posts would serve readers best for now. So here I go…

An important first step when a person suffers with their mental health is to return to familiar people and surroundings that make them feel safe and secure. They may think that they are inadequate to do such a thing, believing it is possible to ground themselves anywhere, but it’s best to accept their weak, vulnerable position and do what is right. After a while of being with their loved ones, they’ll get the strength and nourishment needed to go further along their journey. Continue reading