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My new website!


Although I am deeply grateful for the I Love Bipolar platform with 100+ blogposts over 3+ years, it takes a lot of emotional investment being associated with bipolar on a continuous basis. I have on many occasions drawn from my personal experiences because I thought it might help others on a similar journey. I have also written quite generally and I think this has been helpful for people too. But whether I write generally or from my own experience I still cannot escape from the domain!


Moreover, I have found myself moving away from writing about spirituality and mental health toward writing on contemplative wisdom for wellbeing. Readers may have already picked up on my love for Ignatian Spirituality (‘finding gratitude in all things’) and Zen Buddhism (‘seeing all things as one’), two traditions that enable me to see the world with fresh eyes while grounded in concrete experience. I am convinced that there is a hunger for such wisdom, and although I feel some loss in ending one chapter, I feel delight in starting a new one!


My new website, Gratitude in All Things, aims to journey with people who wish to get in touch with the many gifts that are showered upon them each day, and to find an inner freedom to respond to our world with a full expression of our giftedness. I hope that the light series of reflections will encourage each other’s blossoming and to confidently show it to our world. For the next few weeks, I will publish articles on both websites and then move over to one domain. You may stay here on I Love Bipolar for now or click on Gratitude in All Things here ». Thank you!

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