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Sing Hallelujah to her magnificent blessedness.

John Sullivan SJ (1861-1933) was named ‘blessed’ at a ceremony in Saint Francis Xavier’s Church, Dublin, on 13 May 2017. He was a man deep in words and deeds, someone with quiet charisma (influenced by his father who became lord chancellor of Ireland) and strong faith (influenced by his mother who was of Catholic stock from Cork). From being dubbed ‘the best dressed man in Dublin’ in his earlier days to travelling the roads of Kildare and Dublin caring for the sick and dying, John grew and developed in a holistic manner. His psychology can be understood from one of the few quotes attributed to him. He said: “Take life in instalments. This day now, at least let this be a good day. Be always beginning. Let the past go. Now let me do whatever I have the power to do.” In modern language, we could refer to his philosophy of life as both mindful and heartful in its practicality. Continue reading “Blessedness”