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Let the spirit of expansive possibility breathe in you.

Openness is a basic personality trait denoting receptivity to new ideas and new experiences. Those who are particularly ‘open to experience’ have been shown to have a greater appreciation for beauty, which has a positive effect on a person’s well-being (Psychology Today). I contemplate the image of a flower that is opened up to the world. Its full beauty was hidden when just a little bud, but through the sun and suitable weather conditions it becomes something new and exciting. We delight in its shades of yellow and white, bees are nourished with its sweet nectar and perhaps the universe smiles with it too.

People with high levels of openness also tend to exhibit high levels of curiosity and often enjoy being surprised. But we can work on this if we don’t have it already, e.g., noticing a bird on the electricity cable and wondering why it is perched there, asking a friend about their good news, or in my case wondering how psychology can be enhanced with a spiritual dimension. Not only is our personality enriched when we are open to experience, we are also more attuned to our full potential. We are able to enter an unknown space of expansive possibility.

Oil painting by Siobhan Murphy.

4 thoughts on “Openness

    1. Lovely to hear your childhood memory Elaine. Yes there is so much beauty in the world, and sometimes our suffering helps us to see things differently. Wishing you a week of lovely moments!

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