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The heart works in slow ways, and we need great inner freedom to make real change.

In this time of new resolutions, it is good to say “Yes” to our promptings, our movement within. It is first helpful to get in touch with our inner teacher that quenches desires for riches, honour and pride. Listening to this navigational system points us in the direction of wisdom and wellness. The ‘little flame of love’ comes alive and we develop spiritual poverty (a deeply-felt sense of dependence on our world) and humility (from humus for earth or soil). We respond to the slow ways of the heart.

Story of creation

In the story of Adam and Eve, it was guaranteed – despite the dismissal of the two lovers in the garden – that the serpent’s head will be crushed, that evil will be defeated. We can be confident, even during very dark times, to handle any raised eyebrows and abuse in our path toward goodness. Regular silent sitting meditation helps us to expand our psychological space and we gradually find ourselves changing for the better. When we continue to follow our movement within, we are opened up in a mysterious way.


Our whole being becomes peaceful and we can imagine the whole world alight with a warm glow. We can rejoice being empathic, compassionate and generous people. Thanks to the promptings and encouragement of my readers, I make a firm resolution this year to keep up the writing!

Oil painting entitled ‘Going to the Light’ by Siobhan Murphy.

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