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Only us


“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” – Mary Oliver

Paying attention

I noticed a few lovely moments this week. An evening in with a friend’s family – eating pizza, playing a board game and drinking hot chocolate. Around the table at tea break with colleagues – feeling supported in my low mood with no pressure to talk, listening to the conversation with gratitude. A heart to heart with a friend – discussing the important things, holding little back, connecting with something beyond us.

Being astonished

When I pay attention to the finer details, I am astonished to find that life is all about loving and caring for each other. Little else matters, and I’m not talking about just the lovey-dovey things here. I am talking about staying committed to relationships – harmonious ones that give us life, frustrating ones that require resilience, remembering that we are human with our strengths and weaknesses. In a sense there is no me and you; only us.

Telling about it

Communicating the good news of our heartfelt moments is perhaps just as important as experiencing them. Modern science » after all tells us that even witnessing acts of kindness boosts us with a surge of life-nourishing chemicals. When we share moments of gratitude with one another, circular waves of compassion ⭕ may indeed expand from our bodies, reaching out to the universe and beyond.

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