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Big hearts for a big world

Big hearts for a big world

Over the next while, I want to focus my energy on writing about interactions with people who show compassion, generosity and kindness in everyday life. In doing so, I hope to become more aware of such moments when they are happening, which can often be missed if I am not attentive to the stirrings in my heart. I begin by focusing on two special moments.

Burst of encouragement

Firstly, I recall when a writer showed me the publication of his latest book one day. He wanted to share the good news with me after his hard grafting and work over many months to make it happen. I had already read some of his writing and was keen to find out more. The best thing about his good news for me was when he declared spontaneously, “You can write a book too!”

I smiled, laughed and said, “Yes, maybe in 20 years’ time!” He laughed along with me and we continued talking. As I reflect on this moment, I see it now as a burst of encouragement for my writing journey. The fact that he believed I could write a book nudged me to believe I could do it. I have published a small book since then and I am deeply grateful for his bigness of heart.

Chocolate delight

Secondly, I was hanging out recently with my brother during a dark and cold autumn evening. I was feeling low and so I was glad to have some company in the house. We were deciding what to watch on TV when he came into the living room and gave me a sheet of paper towel with pieces of dark chocolate and Brazil nuts on it. I immediately appreciated the gesture as I knew such a combination was one of his favourite snacks, and to share it with me meant something.

I chewed on the bits of chocolate and nuts at the same time and savoured the tasteful combination! More than the taste was the release of a little burst of love into my evening, and we continued watching the TV for a while. This moment drew me closer to my brother and made me feel more connected in the world.


Perhaps these moments remind you of kind words and deeds of people lately. Perhaps you also felt a stirring in your heart when they occurred. Feel free to let me know about them in the comment section or on Facebook. My wish is that we stay attentive to these moments each day and that we are moved with gratitude. Perhaps we too can show our ‘big hearts for a big world’.

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