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The bird that flew into my window


During meditation this morning I opened my eyes for a moment and saw a small bird perch onto the potted flowers next to the window. It stopped, and looked in the direction of me who was behind the other side of the window in the living room.

I quietened my breathing and remained still so that I wouldn’t frighten it away. After a turn of its head it flew its little body into the window a couple of feet away, and after the collision it flew back in the opposite direction onto the ground below.

I wondered if it was ok. It moved around the ground for a few more seconds, flew onto the bush and off it went again, leaving me to return to my meditation in the stillness of my house.

I ponder the effect of this encounter upon me: I wanted the creature to be with me for as long as possible. I wanted to connect with it, to love it, to embrace it, to be one with it. I give thanks for meeting my little friend this morning and I open myself up to go deeper, higher, stronger. I ‘burst out in praise’ from the depth of my soul.

2 thoughts on “The bird that flew into my window

  1. Sounds a precious moment Gavin. Apart from the meditation and your bird recovering from a bang in the window, at times I experience short periods of ‘eye contact’ with birds who have either appeared near my living room window or when out in the countryside. When they fly away I think ‘wow that moment was lovely’ 🙂


  2. Yes, absolutely Margaret. I too look back on the lovely moments and the more I experience them the more I am invited to relish the loveliness in the moment. Best with your encounters with nature! Gavin


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