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rambunctious mind

“If you want a strong body, you go. If you want a strong mind, you stop.”

I learned something about rambunctious behaviour recently from my ‘happy’ Irish-Canadian cousin Conor and how it can negatively influence my moods. Upon my request, he reflected that I dipped in mood after I stayed out too long partying with his friends. Later, I noticed a similar pattern when I hung out with some people in Dublin City. I think it is good for people with bipolar (and others) to acknowledge when they have reached their limit, e.g., amid a rowdy atmosphere at a pub or nightclub and to walk home and walk tall. It is the way of a balanced life.

I am learning that if I want less rambunctious behaviour, I need to temper my rambunctious mind. I need to show compassion for my inner pain a bit like a mother would care for a crying child. She would not be so effective if she told her child to “stop” or if she shook her child. At this very moment, I am trying to let go of any clinging to my ‘monkey mind’, and instead to lovingly tune in to the opportunities of stillness. I pause at the end of writing this sentence. I pause at the end of my exhalation. I pause with the hope of moving forward with energy and vitality.

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