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Pampering my loneliness


I was functional and productive this week as I went about attending to work, projects, sport, friends and loved ones. I was faithful to my new year’s resolutions, prioritising what I was most passionate about which included working behind the scenes for a new initiative on mindfulness and mysticism. However, I experienced a bout of loneliness on Friday night which left a drain in my energy and spirit. It was meant to be a celebration of my week, but I got caught up on a train of impulsivity.  Next time I commit to being more aware of my loneliness and to apply the ‘3 P’s’ 


When I pray, I open my whole Being to something more, perhaps to someone more. I tune into a cosmic presence, a oneness, a point of convergence. So as I walk the streets on a Friday night, I would desire to look beyond one perspective, one individual in a sea of people. I would want to be one with the people, the air, the clouds, the light and darkness. Prayer could also be used in a generic sense – an earnest hope or wish for my loneliness to lead to something good, a commitment perhaps to make the most of my interrelatedness in future, a commitment to use my talents to the full and to ‘carpe diem’ (‘seize the day’). 


Pampering is about taking good care of myself, especially during times of vulnerability. It is an excuse to do what I want to do while also staying connected with the world. An example might be to drink a mug of hot chocolate while celebrating a fruitful week. Or to turn on the heat in the house, wrap a blanket around me and snuggle up in my favourite place. It is an opportunity to create a ‘home within a home’: something that would give me well needed rest so that I feel nourished and deeply loved. I am reminded of the brand of nappies called ‘Pampers’, which claims to focus on the needs of the child, to soothe and comfort them. 


Most importantly, I would be with people again and I would look around to see who is available. This may require me to make a phone call or to physically stop by my granny’s place or a friend in the neighbourhood. I would be more likely to relish time spent with another human and perhaps I would better notice the person on the train of life next time. My top new year’s resolution is to be more sociable by going out at least twice per week with a friend or acquaintance, e.g., the pub or theatre. This is a gentle challenge to become more fully me: balanced, functional, productive, alive, and joyful. 

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