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The Copper Beech

The Copper Beech

I was drawn to the shelter of a Copper Beech tree this week. It was a calling of my being, not my intellect. I felt connected to a life energy within.

The intuitive kiss

On a bus journey home, I pondered my blog post for the week. I gathered all my thoughts and feelings on what I listened to and noticed. Then, a gentle kiss filled my consciousness and I felt a wave of calm overcome me. I remembered a recent kiss: how we came together without reasoning and lingered in each other’s company. I “knew” it was right. We just did it. And I wonder how many other kisses in this world are the result of something instinctive, something centred in the core of our beings. Do we need to think about our kisses or can we just be content in doing so? I also used my intuition in another way.

Intuitive guidance

I was a bit low on Friday and I got no work done. So, I made a plan and came into the city. After a tea and scone, I walked into a familiar city church. On this occasion, without reasoning, I stayed for 20 minutes. I knelt and without saying a word, I opened my heart and rested in a familiar presence. I left feeling peaceful and strengthened, and my day became a little easier. I didn’t need proof of the divine to simply let myself be drawn to this place. Others may go to a tea shop and watch the world go by or go to a science laboratory to do some experiments. Surely it is okay to let intuition guide our way.


Furthermore, it struck me that I push too hard or try too much at times. I fill my working schedule with too many tasks, going back and forth like a yoyo and losing myself. Or I strain to understand a friend in conversation, focusing on detail instead of a shared connection. I can even strain while eating and drinking. In a busy world, we may fail to notice the knots in our stomachs, the tension in our foreheads or the shortness of our breaths, so that we remain strained and fundamentally unhappy. Personally, I often check-in to see how balanced or unbalanced my life is. Luckily, there is an answer to a strain-free lifestyle.

A mental massage

When we are feeling the tension of a hurried life, a life that wants us to catch up with the speed of computers which are often faster than ourselves, then it is good to imagine a massaging of our brains. This can happen during our transport to work when we leave our phones to one side, take in our surroundings, and surrender for a moment. Imagine the soothing hands and skilful fingers working deeply within you. A mental massage softens our “overtime” brains and enables us to perform better. I don’t know about you, but I often receive great insights when my body and mind are in tune with one another. If my mind is free and open, then my body is relaxed and ready.

Spiritual intelligence

When I asked my youngest brother how he behaves when relying on his intuition, he said: “I suppose I’d be more aware of how other people are thinking and feeling” (e.g., positive, negative, high, low). Forming part of our spiritual intelligence, our intuition is nurtured through strain-free meditation and is a powerful life energy that we need to tap into.

Photo thanks to Liam O’Connell SJ

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