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How does a shoot spring from the stump? How does a person with a drug addiction become clean? How do you get through your own disasters to reach a deep sense of peace? That’s what resilience does.

What life throws at me

At present, I am faced with the possibility of another period of unemployment. And for those who have been unemployed, it’s not an easy situation. However, I have a burning desire to write – I finished a first draft of a screenplay just yesterday. Writing may not solve the financial problem of unemployment but it will help reduce the boredom.


Psychologists say that it is vital to have “caring and supportive relationships within and outside the family”(APA). Within the family, I surround myself with brilliant people – I turn to my grandmother’s encouraging presence; I lean on my mother; and I seek advice from my twin.

Outside the family, I sit with my colleagues at tea break; I visit my neighbour; and I feel more hope through my friend. What’s more, it is indeed a beautiful thing to believe that someone is with me always, until the end of time.


I struggled out of bed everyday this week to sit on a chair, upright, for 30 minutes. My option to go back to bed was very tempting but I was resilient. A wave of calmness came over me for the rest of my days. As I write these words, I am in a monastery for a short break. I see the monks around me who live their lives in silence and meditation – and the joy on their faces.


Visualising what I heartfelt want in life also helps to build resilience. I imagine using all of my talents in a fruitful career. I imagine married life and the great love and meaning that this brings. I see the shoot that has sprung from the stump, pink, in full blossom.

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