Emotional intelligence


I am an emotionally intelligent person with bipolar. Measured by EQ, emotional intelligence is about our experience of self and social.


I have grown a lot in the area of self. In my emotional battles, I called out for help…and more often than not, I turned to my inner strength and inner awareness. I first asked myself the question, “how am I feeling?” – there are differences between emotions and feelings but I will treat them as the same here. I felt happy, sad, angry, joyful, confused, and so on.

So I became aware of my emotions which centred me to some degree. In my awareness, I asked myself, “what will I do?” Often the action involved writing in my diary and I loved to dabble my pen in a random stream of consciousness. I pondered what good things to do: walk in the sun; stay away from my computer; mix with my friends; and read a book. Continue reading

Mentally healthy

F11D99E5-901A-43C2-AAF4-EBAA552BB7D3Over the last few weeks, I have scored average to above average on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well Being Scale, and my psychiatrist has confirmed that I am “stable”. These assurances have strengthened my belief that I am mentally healthy.

Can you really believe that bipolar has graced me with good mental health? Let me bring you back only a few years to when I was undiagnosed and very unhealthy. I couldn’t even sit in silence for 5 minutes; my mind was just so noisy and scary; and not even my identical twin knew the extent of it. Now, I dare to say that I am more mentally healthy than much of the general public – me with a mental illness! Continue reading