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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” – Albert Einstein.

Despite the genius of Einstein’s knowledge-based mind, he appreciated his imaginative mind even more so. And this is a fantastic upside of bipolar – our creativity.

Early inspiration

When bipolar started to surface, I took up the pen. I journalled my thoughts and feelings, and it became clear that my mind had plenty to say. I wrote down an experience of meditation: as I imagined with all my senses, I got this perfect picture of kind eyes gazing upon me. This moment brought great comfort, like a womb of love encircling me. Moreover, I was moved to write a poem:

“…forever live, forever see

this new life, on a platter”

Gaining momentum

This wave of expression surprised even myself. Further on, I started a blog where I wrote everyday for 100 days: reflections such as The love of a big hug! and In search of mangos! stretched my brain’s capacity. More recently, I integrated an adventure abroad to create America the Beautiful.

I also wrote short stories and dabbled in novel writing…I created a fictional TV personality and imagined, in a very real way, the life of ‘Quentin Loft’, the egotistical host of a gossip channel who is so consumed by his own fame that he loses total sense of reality.

Then I wrote for a website, where I adapted ‘The Good Shepherd’ biblical psalm with images of the family. Instead of the rod and staff of the shepherd, I spoke of a warm blanket such as a mother would use to comfort her children with, and so on.

Imagining ilovebipolar.com

Now, just as I have launched this website, I continue to allow my mind to expand. I imagine the worldly connections that ilovebipolar.com can make. I imagine connecting with brave people who live out this condition with great dignity. In the mindset of Albert Einstein, I imagine the power of truth encircling the world.

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