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An ancient story of gratitude


In the Book of Genesis, the senior servant of Abraham is sent to look for a wife for his master’s son Isaac. He meets a beautiful woman called Rebekah by the spring, and she nourishes him with plenty of water and makes sure his camels are also nourished. He gives her a gold ring and bracelets, and asks to stay in her family home. Her brother Laban provides water for him and his companions to wash their feet and a place and food for their camels too. He explains his mission and they readily agree to let Rebekah marry Isaac. He gives ornaments and clothes to Rebekah and rich presents to her family. They eat and drink and spend the night before returning home. Continue reading “An ancient story of gratitude”

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My new website!


Although I am deeply grateful for the I Love Bipolar platform with 100+ blogposts over 3+ years, it takes a lot of emotional investment being associated with bipolar on a continuous basis. I have on many occasions drawn from my personal experiences because I thought it might help others on a similar journey. I have also written quite generally and I think this has been helpful for people too. But whether I write generally or from my own experience I still cannot escape from the domain! Continue reading “My new website!”

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The embrace

Yes to her embrace filled with wholeness.

As I ponder my mother’s painting this week, I see something we all would like to experience right now with our loved ones. The older girl is holding and embracing the younger girl while appearing to talk to her about something important, something precious, something just between the two of them. But in my imagination, I see these two girls walking with each other while keeping their required distance. It is in their minds and hearts that they are being affectionate, and this strikes me as infinitely possible for all of us at the moment. Continue reading “The embrace”

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Yes to your genuineness, your grounded worldliness.

In today’s world we are thrown by many minor and major forces. Surfing the internet can lead us in different directions, and we can get lost in a field of data and information if we’re not grounded and don’t know what we’re looking for. COVID-19 is a major force that is blowing our way at the moment and it too can stir us to get lost without anything to anchor us.

But, as from the painting, there is something about being next to a fire that calls us inward, that opens our senses to hear the smoke going up the chimney, the sight of the brightest part of the fire, the smell of the home, the taste of sipping tea and the rise in temperature on our skin. Continue reading “#Authenticity”

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Yes to your open road, your warm invitations.

The Camino de Santiago (‘Way of Saint James’) pilgrimage is becoming more and more popular these days among vacationers, spiritual seekers and adventurists. People can start wherever they like – from Saint James’ Gate in Dublin, Saint Jean Pied de Port in Southern France, Lisbon in Portugal – but all are destined to Santiago de Compostela (‘Stars field’) in North Western Spain and often beyond to Finisterre (‘End of the earth’) on the Spanish coast. I have walked the hilly, flat, and rocky roads on four occasions: alone, with family and a Church group. Each time was special, each time had its challenges, but what they all had in common was an experience of ‘group consciousness’. Continue reading “Invitations”